Free Software Tools

µ is providing variety of simple, useful and powerful software tools for personal computing. You can see the software tools provided by µ here.

All these software tools are for personal use only. If you want to use these for your business purpose, you have to take a license from µ Please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the license (The license charges are minimal).

Select the software tools which are useful to you from the list of software tools provides by µ, use them and send the valuable feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note:µ is not liable for any damages arising by using these software tools.

Color Picker Tool

uToolbox ColorPicker Tool is the powerful utility useful to pick/grab any color from the screen/desktop by placing the Color Picker Iconon the screen/desktop from where you want to pick/grab the color.


Color Picker Tool is a very useful tool for web developers & web designers.

Element Inspector Tool

uToolbox ElementInspector Toolinspect all HTML element tags, attributes and their data from the given web pages.


Element Inspector Tool is useful tool for web developers & web designers.


File Copy Tool

uToolbox FileCopy Tool is a powerful software utility useful to copy the files.


File Copy Tool is also allows to pause/resume the file copy.


File Encoder Tool

uToolbox FileEncoder Toolis a very useful tool to encode/decode the files to restrict the unauthorized access. Once the file is encoded, nobody can able to read the file contents until the file is decoded back.


File Encoder Tool is useful for everyone to protect their file’s content.


File Splitter Tool

uToolbox FileSplitter Toolis simple and powerful application useful to split the large files into smaller files.


File Splitter Tool is useful to split files into small pieces, so that easily transfer or share the files over the network.


GUID Generator Tool

uToolbox GUIGenerator Tool is a freeware utility useful to generate globally unique identifiers (GUIDs). You can use these GUIDs wherever you want to uniquely identify your files, objects, components, database entries, ActiveX objects, DLLs etc.,.


GUID Generator Tool is mostly useful for software developers.


Image Viewer Tool

uToolbox ImageViewer Tool or Picture Viewer Application is the freeware tool useful to view, zoom the JPEG/JPG & BMP/Bitmap images located in the selected folder.


Image Viewer Tool also displays slide show of the images. Image Viewer Tool comes with simple user interface (GUI) to view the images, pictures or photos.


Magnifier Tool

uToolbox Magnifier Tool is useful to magnify the area of the screen/desktop by simply dragging the Magnifier icon over the screen/desktop.


Magnifier Tool comes with simple user interface to view the magnified area of the screen/desktop.


Password Generator Tool

uToolbox Password Generator Tool useful to generate random passwords of given length. Also allows to exclude uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers or special characters in the generated passwords.


Screen Capture Tool

uToolbox Screen Capture Tool allows to capture entire screen or capture active window and display the preview. Drag the Screen Capture icon to capture the window where the Screen Capture icon is placed. Once the window is captured, it allows to save into BMP file.


See Time Tool

uToolbox SeeTime Tool is used to display the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) CTime value.


SeeTime tool is useful for software developers.


Tokenizer Tool

uToolbox Tokenizer Tool is useful to tokenize the words in the given string.


Tokenizer Tool also used to capitalize the given string, convert the string to lowercase, convert the string to uppercase and reverse the string.


Word Count Tool

uToolbox WordCount Tool is a freeware utility useful to count the number of words, lines and characters in the given text.

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